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All schools in New York State will now remain closed through June 26, 2020. WE ARE TIGERS & WE ARE FIERCE
Remote Learning Resources » Transition: Zoom to Google Meet

Transition: Zoom to Google Meet

Dear Fort Community,

These are challenging times, but always remember - We are Tigers and We are Fierce - So when confronted with a sudden change, we spring into action.  

When it became apparent to the DOE that Zoom’s well-known security flaws were becoming more apparent by the day, they opted to stop using it.  It is a decision that may have thrown some for a loop, but as always - We have a backup and a plan.


Meet or Hangout Meet has always been available to our ecosystem and it presents an excellent alternative to Zoom or Teams.  It is integrated into our native Google Classroom system. You can use the “Invite” system to invite classes or even groups of classes (We can host up to 250 attendees in one Hangout) or you can - as you would in Zoom - create a meeting and invite students with a code.


To meet your needs, answer your questions, and support the transition, the FHHS Webmaster, Toni Rosario, and I have partnered to develop this webpage.

Here you will find useful documents and videos to assist you in the transition from Zoom to Hangouts Meet. 

In addition, in the days to come, I will be posting my homegrown video for the FHHS faculty that will assist them in integrating this feature into their Google Classroom.


Keep an eye out for additional support for this resource.