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Library » 2018 Summer Reading Honors Poetry

2018 Summer Reading Honors Poetry

June 2018

Dear Incoming Honors Literature and Poetry Senior:

Listed below is the website where you can access your required summer reading assignment.    Upon your return to school in September, your teacher will assess your written analysis, which will count for part of your first marking period grade. An email will be sent to your email address so you can download the material on the Internet, or you can purchase the text or obtain at the NY Public Library.


List of all 180 poems  |  More about this program  |  How to read a poem out loud  |  Legal notices and permissions

Welcome to Poetry 180. Poetry can and should be an important part of our daily lives. Poems can inspire and make us think about what it means to be a member of the human race. By just spending a few minutes reading a poem each day, new worlds can be revealed.

Poetry 180 is designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem on each of the 180 days of the school year. I have selected the poems you will find here with high school students in mind. They are intended to be listened to, and I suggest that all members of the school community be included as readers. A great time for the readings would be following the end of daily announcements over the public address system.

Listening to poetry can encourage students and other learners to become members of the circle of readers for whom poetry is a vital source of pleasure. I hope Poetry 180 becomes an important and enriching part of the school day.

Billy Collins
Former Poet Laureate of the United States


Instructions for completing the written assignment is listed on the flip side of this list.  We encourage you to read independently as well.


Challenge yourself!    Have a wonderful summer!





                                                                        Virginia Izzo

                                                                        Assistant Principal

                                                                        English Department