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Library » Honor Academy Freshman Summer Reading List

Honor Academy Freshman Summer Reading List

Dear Incoming Honor Academy Freshman:


Listed below are the titles for your required summer reading.    Upon your return to school in September, your teacher will require you to complete an assignment based on your reading and to write an argumentative essay on the role of prejudice on the development of one’s character, which will count for part of your first marking period grade.    All books may be borrowed from the public library, purchased at your local bookstore, or on the Internet.   You must read all three books for the class you will enter in the Fall, as well as the essay that can be found as a pdf file with a link posted on our Library webpage. Instructions for completing a DEJ as you read, are listed on the flip side of this list.  Teachers will work with you in September to use your textual evidence and assist you to write a highly effective essay.    We encourage you to read independently.  Challenge yourself!



Grade 9-Honor Academy-E1H


         Lee                              To Kill A Mockingbird  (CCS Exemplar Text)

         Tan                              The Joy Luck Club        (CCS Exemplar Text)

         Lahiri                           The Namesake               (CCS Exemplar Text)

         Quindlen                     A Quilt of a Country     (Common Core Essay)


Available at this link:




We look forward to seeing you in September.  Have a wonderful summer.





                                                                                                            Virginia Izzo

                                                                                                            Assistant Principal

                                                                                                            English Department