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Student Schedule

Fort Hamilton High School Reopens for In Person Blended Students March 24, 2021
  1. Blended students at FHHS will begin attending in person Wednesday, March 24th
  2. Mondays and Tuesdays as fully remote days. 
  3. In-person days will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and all Blended students will attend 2 days in person. 
  4. Updates to the Blended Cohort assignment will be on Pupilpath programs . 

Students will either attend:

Wednesday and Thursday (ZWTH)

Thursday and Friday (ZTHF)

Wednesday and Friday (ZWFR). 

We will do our best to maintain the day a student is currently assigned, but must ensure we have space across classrooms each day to remain safe.  


Please note that FHHS adheres to the DOE guidelines for family options to select blended or remote for their child.  If your child is Remote, they will remain remote for SY2020-21.  Remote students will not be admitted to school, regardless of consent form for covid testing submitted after the deadline.  We must ensure social distancing and can only increase to 2 days of in-person learning with the updated number of Blended students.