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Equity and Access poster

Dear Fort Hamilton,

We hope this letter finds you well. We are the Co-Chairpersons of the Equity and Access Committee and we have met in the last few months to address the pertinent issues impacting our school community in regards to diversity and equity. Our committee consists of 13 student members and 3 faculty members. The primary mission of the Equity and Access Committee in Fort Hamilton is to ensure fair treatment, social health and a culturally sensitive space for all students regardless of family income, race, nationality, disability, language spoken at home, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We strive to educate students and staff on topics surrounding race, religion, and identity to ensure a greater social understanding and foster unity.


Additionally, we will establish a line of clear and productive communication between students, parents, staff, and the administration regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. We invite all students to join our Equity and Access Student Virtual Office where we will be hosting town hall meetings and posting resources.  

Alternatively, you can use our class code: n6f4byn. The Fort Hamilton community is large and diverse and we will be the voice to address issues often overlooked by the administration.



Jacob Aznavoorian and Maya La Croix

Equity and Access Committee Co-Chairpersons