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Information for Students » Rights & Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities


Fort Hamilton High School’s procedures are based on the following rights and responsibilities:


  1. Students have the right to:
    1. a meaningful learning experience
    2. an appropriate curriculum
    3. an educational environment that is safe from physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse
    4. a discipline policy based on developmental and progressive responses to inappropriate behavior
    5. consistent and fair discipline based on due process
    6. supportive services to help a student develop self-discipline
  2.  Students have the responsibility to:
    1. be accountable for their own behavior
    2. be active learners by taking responsibility for their learning
    3. respect the rights of fellow students and school officials
    4. be supportive of the learning environment
    5. obey school rules
    6. attain the best possible level of academic achievement
    7. respect school and community property
    8. seek support, if needed, from appropriate school personnel
  3.  Students are expected to:
    1. respect the teachers, and their fellow classmates and school property
    2. attend school every day, be on time, have the proper materials with them, and be ready to learn
    3. seek additional help or tutoring when necessary

Students must meet their promotion/graduation requirements in June to participate in their school’s June graduation ceremony. Students who are already on suspension at the time of graduation may be prohibited from attending.

Students may be prohibited from attending prom or graduation when they pose a real threat of violence or disruption to the event. It may also be possible to bar a student from a prom or graduation when his/her conduct has been particularly egregious and where the student has previously been advised in writing.