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Naviance is a web-based program designed to support students and parents with college and career exploration. Announcements, emails and other important information are communicated through the site.  

How to LOG ON to Naviance:
  1. Log on to (or use the link provided above)
  2. Click on the Menu (top right hand corner)
  3. Go to the "Students and Families" sign-in section (in red on the right-hand side)
  4. Enter the zip code for Fort Hamilton High School (11209)
  5. Click on "Fort Hamilton High School"
  6. To access your account, enter your OSIS number for BOTH the User Name and Password
  7. Update your email address.  Be sure to provide one that you use and check often.  Go to the About Me tab.  Go to Profile.  Click on the pencil icon next to the email address to change it.
  8. Once you have successfully logged in, there are different tabs (i.e. About Me, Careers, College, My Planner) that can help you explore the Naviance website.