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Rules & Regulations


Fort Hamilton High School belongs to us all, students, staff and graduates alike. We are all Fort Hamilton. How you behave while here is a reflection of you and your parents’ values. We hope that you will take PRIDE in your environment. Listed below are guidelines for how students should conduct themselves in and around the school.


  1. Not attending or being late for school or class without authorization is forbidden and can affect your grades. Students must be out of the hallway by the late bell. Students cannot loiter in the hallways or staircases at any time. Students found repeatedly late to class or in the hallway after the late bell will have their homes contacted and a parent conference held.
  2. Leaving the building is permitted only by obtaining an early excuse pass. Students may not leave the building during their lunch period even if it is their last period of the day. In limited situations, an early excuse pass may be issued by the attendance office. Students who leave the building may not return unless a parent is notified.   Students must leave only through supervised exit doors. Loitering on or near the campus is prohibited.
  3. Medical problems requiring excuse from physical education classes must be reported to the Assistant Principal, physical education in room 246 and to the health aide in room 244. Canes are not permitted in school unless accompanied with a doctor’s note. Students requiring the use of the school elevator must provide medical documentation to the nurse in room 244, where an elevator pass may be obtained.
  4. Accidents involving personal injury must be immediately reported to the nurse in room 244 and an accident report filed. Emergency home contact cards with emergency telephone numbers must be on file for all pupils. Utility bills or an equivalent must be shown to verify addresses. Change of address and home telephone number must be reported to the attendance office.  
  5. Friends, siblings or other relatives may not visit the school, unless special authorization is given. Trespassers will be arrested. Likewise, bringing trespassers into the building will result in suspension.
  6. Personal property is the responsibility of the owner. Do not bring valuables to school. During physical education classes, clothing must be placed in a gym locker and secured with a school lock. Students are only permitted in the locker room during their physical education class. Students cannot use classroom lockers at any other time.
  7. Proper attire for students is required at all times. Revealing, lewd or dangerous clothing such as pajamas, backless and strapless blouses, halter tops, mini skirts, pajamas, sleeveless white undershirts, spikes, etc. are prohibited. Hats are not permitted in the building and will be confiscated if seen and returned only to a parent or legal guardian. Hoods are not to be on student’s head while in the building. Large beads, ski masks, sunglasses and exotic contact lenses are also prohibited. Likewise, other headgear such as bandanas, sweatbands, doorags and stocking caps are also prohibited.
  8. All electronic entertainment devices including video cameras, photo cameras, cellphones, radios, CD players, IPODS, IPADS and headphones are not to be used anywhere in the school building and will be confiscated if the student is found using item in the building. Disciplinary measures include: warning, disciplinary referral, confiscation and parent conference.
  9. Every student must have a student I.D. card and program card with him or her at all times. I.D. cards must be scanned in order to enter the building and handed over whenever asked by a staff member. Duplicate I.D. cards may be obtained in the student cafeteria during the student’s lunch period, only.   Duplicate program cards may be obtained in room 154 only. Students found in the building without an I.D. card and program card are subject to disciplinary action.
  10. Metro cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen until a designated period of time has gone by. Students must present a program card and a Fort Hamilton High School ID card in order to obtain a metro card. All lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately and can only be replaced during the student’s lunch period. Metro cards will be distributed in September and February in the student cafeteria and must have the student’s name written on the metrocard.
  11. Students must scan their school I.D. card in order to enter the student cafeteria. Students may not leave the cafeteria once inside without authorization. Food and drink may not be taken out of the cafeteria. Students are not permitted in the teachers’ cafeteria. Students found cutting in the student cafeteria and causing a disruption will face disciplinary action including possible suspension.
  12. Students must have an official school yellow 8 ½ x 11 pass in order to be in the hallway during class time. Student bathrooms are closed the first ten and final five minutes of each period. Students must have a pass in order to gain entrance into the bathroom. Students are not permitted to use staff bathrooms.
  13. Guidance counselors and grade advisors may be seen either before or after the student’s school day, lunch periods or by a pre-arranged appointment. Students may not visit support staff unless a pass is obtained from the classroom teacher.
  14. Tampering with safety measures or devices such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers, lights, exit signs or the telephone system will result in suspension and possible arrest. Students are not permitted to use office or classroom telephones unless it is an emergency and permission has been given by a staff member and the staff member is present while the call is being made.
  15. Fire drills are held regularly and require silence, good order and obedience to the instruction of staff members. Misbehavior during drills will lead to disciplinary action.
  16. Cheating, plagiarism, and giving false information are prohibited. Grades can suffer greatly when you cheat on an assignment or exam. Fraud on state exams will result in cancellation of any future state exams until proper citizenship is demonstrated.
  17. Athletic team eligibility, both varsity and junior varsity, depend upon the regulations of the P.S.A.L. and strict adherence to school regulations. Serious infractions, fraud or a pattern of misbehavior will result in suspension from the team or a period of probation.
  18. Racial, ethnic, sexual or religious defamation is forbidden and will result in a home contact or a guidance conference or suspension. Physical or verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation or conduct, which threatens the well being of any student or staff member inside/outside the school or on the internet is forbidden and will result in disciplinary action and possible arrest. Sexual harassment of staff or students is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension and arrest.
  19. Bullying of any kind in and out of school or on the internet is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
  20. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the school or on school grounds. Students found smoking in the school or on school grounds will be suspended. Cigarettes and lighters are prohibited in school.
  21. Graffiti, defacement, vandalism or destruction of school property (books, computers, desks, windows, walls, etc.) is strictly prohibited and will result in community service, suspension and possible arrest.
  22. Glass bottles are not permitted in the building. No plastic bottles/containers larger than 20 oz. will be permitted in the building. Skateboards and scooters are not permitted on school grounds or in the school. Balloons are also prohibited. Any of these items found in the building will be confiscated. Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc. cannot be carried openly in the building and will be confiscated if doing so.
  23.  Posting or distributing of non-authorized literature or fliers inside the school or on school property is prohibited.
  24. Fighting in school or on the way to or from school is prohibited and all parties involved will be suspended. Peer mediation is available in room 357 and should be used in order to avoid any confrontations.
  25. Possession of any weapons, narcotics, alcohol or other contraband is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension and arrest. Laser pointers are strictly prohibited and if found in the school may result in suspension.
  26. Refusal to comply with a staff member’s request during the school day or during an after school activity, will result in appropriate penalties which include notification to parent, referral to the dean, annotation of record and other appropriate penalties which will be decided by the dean, assistant principal or principal.  
  27. Any student accessing or using the Internet through the Department of Education connections or equipment, whether from a Department location or from a remote location using Department hardware, software or accounts are prohibited from using such connections or equipment for other than educational purposes. Violators to this policy may be subject to disciplinary and legal action. Posting of inappropriate materials on the Internet, which negatively impacts the school community is prohibited and can result in suspension.
  28. Students, who are on suspension, have been suspended or have a disciplinary record may be prohibited from participating in or attending any extracurricular activities such as games, dances, shows, senior activities, etc.
  29. Anything, which is punishable by city, state and federal law, inside or outside the school building can result in possible arrest and suspension or expulsion from school (i.e. possession of alcohol, narcotics, drug paraphernalia, explosives, weapons, assault, gambling, vandalism, tampering with fire alarm) if a nexus to school community is established. If any crimes are committed relating to school, a parent or guardian and the Department of Education will be notified.
  30. Students who feel that any of their rights are being violated should speak to elected officers of the student government. Unauthorized student petitions are strictly prohibited. More information on student government may be obtained in room B64.