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Honor Academy Screening Criteria: 

Students' highest grades in four courses—English, math, social studies, and science––will be used. To determine which grades to use, we will choose the highest grade in each of these courses, from the following:  

·        Final course grades from seventh grade 

·        Marking period or end-of-term grades from eighth grade that are available by the high school application deadline.   


Because a variety of grading scales are used across schools, each course grade being used for admissions will be converted to 100-400 points. Then, these converted grades will be averaged to assign each applicant a point average.  

Applicants will be divided into four groups according to their point average, with applicants with the highest averages forming Group 1. At screened programs, applicants from Group 1 will be admitted first, followed by applicants from Group 2 and so on. 


State test scores and attendance will not be used in admissions this year. Complete information can be found on the High School screening webpage