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Fort Hamilton High School’s Guidance Department is comprised of 19 guidance counselors.  Each guidance counselor is equipped to address the social-emotional and academic needs of students through individual and group counseling; Programming and Progress interviews; and guidance lessons. Guidance counselors are trained in cognitive-behavioral strategies as well as solution-focused modalities that support students and families with school, family and/or personal concerns.  Students participate in cohort-specific college exploration activities through Naviance, Fort Hamilton High School’s online college and career exploration program, and engage in targeted activities that support students in making informed post-secondary decisions.  Additionally, the Guidance Department works closely with community-based organizations to assist both students and families in being able to meet the demands of adolescent life, high school and post-secondary planning.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your program, academic status or are dealing with a personal /school concern, you can see the guidance counselor listed on your program.