Rosaria Guerriera-Mancini, Assistant Principal
Pupil Personnel Services: Social Emotional Supports, Academic Programming and Interventions and Post-Secondary Planning


Fort Hamilton High School’s Pupil Personnel Services Department (also known as the Guidance Department) is a multi-faceted department that addresses the academic, attendance, social-emotional, and college and career needs for 4,600+ students. The department’s overarching goal is to support students through targeted academic advisement and to provide all students with the social-emotional skills necessary to graduate high school within a 4-year time frame while ensuring that students are productive individuals during and beyond the high school experience. To this end, Fort Hamilton is staffed with 20 highly trained guidance counselors that engage students in individualized programming and progress interviews and who conduct individual and group counseling. Students are provided with Naviance guidance lessons, a web-based college and career exploration program, to ensure that students graduate Fort Hamilton High School with a viable post-secondary college and/or career plan. Fort Hamilton High School students are also afforded the expertise of two highly effective College guidance counselors that provide targeted college and financial aid advisement as well as a full-time Career Counselor to support school-to-career pathways via work-shadowing and internship opportunities. In addition, all guidance counselors conduct college and career interviews during junior and senior year, to ensure all students have access to viable post-secondary options.


The Guidance department interfaces with Project Success, the school’s attendance squad, to ensure students attend school regularly and parents are informed in the event of extended absences. Additionally, the Guidance department collaborates with all Assistant Principals of Supervision and teachers to support students in meeting academic benchmarks and coordinates academic intervention services when necessary.