We support students to earn the credits and Regents exams required to graduate in four years. Students who fail a course along the way will be given the opportunity to recover the credit to stay on-track. Below are credit recovery models that are offered to students.
  • 3:2 Split: Reserved for upperclassmen with failures in Physical Education classes. Make-up classes are added to a student’s program.
  • AM/PM School: The opportunity to repeat failed courses is offered each semester (budget permitting) for over-aged, under-credited students in order to assist them in obtaining their high school diploma within four years. Course offerings are determined on an as-needed basis. These classes are in session within a student’s regular day program.
  • Blended Learning: Reserved for upperclassmen in the area of Math, PE, and Social Studies. Students are given an additional Global History or United States History class during their day program. The instruction may be supplemented with assignments via Edgenuity. Note: Under-classmen may participate in Blended Learning opportunities and recover credit in core content areas as part of their day program, supervised.
  • Credit Recovery by Application: A student qualifies for this program if he/she fails a course with a grade below 65% and had an attendance rate of 66% or higher in the deficit course. Eligible students will be identified by the Credit Recovery Committee and assigned a licensed subject-area teacher who will assess the academic deficit and assign work accordingly. The teacher will meet with the student and support the student in completing the assigned work to meet the required learning standard. The work must be completed no later than the end of the term immediately following the failure.
  • Double-Up: Reserved for upper-classmen. Eligible students may double up in the deficit content area if numbers permit. An additional class is added on the student’s day program.
  • Edgenuity: Students qualify for this program if they fail a course and need to repeat the entire course. Eligible students must sign a contract, complete an online orientation, and initiate online course work on Edgenuity, an online instructional program aligned to NYS Next Generation Learning Standards. A subject-area teacher will support the completion of online assignments no later than the end of the term.
  • Summer School: Students qualify for this program if they fail a core content class, a Physical Education class, and/or Health class. Eligible students must attend classes in the summer for approximately 6 weeks, 4-5 days a week. Session time ranges from 8:00 am to 2:15 pm.
Successful participation in the credit recovery opportunities outlined above will allow students to recover credit and graduate with their cohort. In addition, the coursework will assist in preparing for the Regents exam if the course ends in a Regents.