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Guidance » Official Class Assignments

Official Class Assignments

  Official Class Assignments


Counselor / Advisor

Official Classes



Rm 237

MR. WEISER – ext. 2372




MS. ALBANESE – ext. 2371


A1R A1S  A14(DRAMA)    A2R A2U A21(Dance)   A24     A3R A3V A31(DANCE)   A34   

A4R A4V A41(DANCE)   A44     A1P A2P A3P A4P  (ALL ARE ICT STUDENTS)        



A1W A1X  A11(Dance) A12(Music)  A13(Vocal) A15   A2Y A2Z A22(Music)  A23(Vocal) A25  

A3Y  A32(Music)  A33(Vocal) A35     A4Z  A42 (Music)  A43(Vocal)  A45     AAN (NO SHOW)



Rm 207

MS. PARRISH – ext. 2073



MS. MERKEL – ext. 2072

B1S B1T B1U B13(VE)  B14   B2T B2U B2V B23(VE)   B24

B3U B3V B33(VE)  B34     B4V B43(VE)   B44     BPN (NO SHOW)


B1R B1W B1X B1Y B11 B12   B2R B2Y B2Z B21 B22

B3R B3Y B3Z B31 B32    B4R B4Z  B41 B42     BMN (NO SHOW)



Rm 351

MS. JAOUI – ext. 3512



MR. CAFARO– ext. 3511

C1R C1S C1T C1U C13 C14      C2R C2T C2U C23 C24

C3R C3U C3V C33 C34    C4R C4V C43 C44    CJN (NO SHOW)


C1W C1X C1Y C11 C12     C2X C2Y C2Z C21 C22

C3Y C3Z C31 C32     C4Z C41 C42      CCN (NO SHOW)



Rm 343

MS. LEE-LOOMIS  – ext. 3432



MR. BEYER – ext. 3431

E1R E1S E1T E1U E11 E12      E2R E2T E2U E2V E21 E22   

E3R E3U E3V E31 E32    E4R E4V E41 E42        ELN (NO SHOW)


E1W E1X E1Y E1Z E13 E14     E2W E2X E2Z E23 E24      E3Y E3Z E33 E34  

E4Z  E43 E44       EBN (NO SHOW)


 G / H

Rm 320

MS. J. IZZO – ext. 3201



MS. KORNBLUM – ext. 3202

H1P H11 H12 H16   H2P H21 H22 H26   H31 H32 H36    H41 H42 H46    

G1R G1S G12    G2R G22    G3P G3R G32     G4R G42    GIN (NO SHOW)


H13 H14 H15     H23 H24 H25     H33 H34 H35    H43 H44 H45

G1W G11    G2Y G21      G3Y G31      G4V  G41          GKN (NO SHOW)


K / M / N /

T (Tested out)

Rm 206


MS. EMMANUELE–  ext.  2063





MS. BADER – ext. 2065






MR. LEE– ext. 2082




M1R M1W M1X M1Y M1Z M11    M2R M2X M2Y M2Z M21    M3R M3Y M3Z M31     M4R M4Z M41

M12 (Newcomers)  M22 (Newcomers) M32 (Newcomers)  M42 (Newcomers)      MEN (NO SHOW)  K1W K1X K13     K2T K23     K3R K3U K33     K4R K4V K43        T16  T26  T36  T46   


N1R N1W N1X N11   N2R N2Y N2Z N21

N3R N3Y N3Z N31    N4R N4Z N41   

N12 (Newcomers)   N22 (Newcomers)   N32 (Newcomers)   N42 (Newcomers)     

K1R K1S  K14    K2R K2U K2V K2Y K2Z K24    K34    K4Z K44      T1W T1X T17    T27  T3Y T37  T47  KBN (NO SHOW)  


N1S N1T N1U N1V N13 N14    N2T N2U N2V N23 N24    N3U N3V N33 N34      N4V N43 N44        

N15 (Newcomers)    N25 (Newcomers)     N35 (Newcomers)    N45 (Newcomers)


K15   K25   K35   K45        T1S T13   T23    T3U T33     T43


P (ICT) / R (ISS) 

Rm B60

MR. MATTHEWS–ext. 7601



MS. RICHES – ext. 7602




R1D R1W R1X R11 R12 R13     R2D R2X R2Y R2Z R21 R22 R23   

R3D R3Y R3Z R31 R32 R33     R4D R4Z R41 R42 R43     RMN (NO SHOW)    P13   P23   P33   P43


P1D P1R P1W P1Y P11 P12       P2D P2R P2X P2Y P21 P22  

P3D P3R P3Y P3Z P31 P32        P4D P4R P4Z P41 P42