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All Students Remote Monday and Tuesday
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Principal's Messages

ort Community:                                                    October 17, 2020

Thank you for persisting through program changes that ensure students have the classes they need to graduate and class sizes meet UFT requirements.  The disruption asked that everyone be patient and resilient.  Students who haven’t been attending in person may see a change to their blended day assignment to avoid exceeding room capacity on a blended day.  Students will be notified by the teacher no later than 10/21 of any such change. A reminder that you can find the cohort assignment in 0 period. 

The first marking period wraps up Friday, October 23rd and gives an opportunity to share progress.  The third marking period is final and will appear on the transcript.  Teachers are doing their best to welcome new students and select only critical assignments due prior to a student joining the class.  Some teachers are asking for assignments submitted to the prior teacher.  I encourage you to communicate with the new teacher as needed to assist with a smooth transition. 

Grades for MP1 will be modified in recognition of the program adjustment period.  Pupilpath will reflect progress, but there will be no failing grade for MP1.

NL – late entry to class AND/OR not enough information

N – Needs improvement

S - Satisfactory

Information for students needing to make up work from incomplete courses in spring and summer 2020 (earned grade of NX) will learn about specifics starting in MP2.  

Families can request a change to spring 2020 numeric grades to a CR (credit).  Please complete this form no later than November 30th.  Changes made prior to October 9th will be on the transcript October 19th.  Subsequent requests will be processed every 2 weeks. FORT HAMILTON H.S. PARENT/GUARDIAN CHOICE OF GRADING SCALE

PTA Meeting: October 26, 2020 at 6pm.  Register in advance for this meeting:

PTA Meeting Registration

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Blended students must complete the health screening survey ( BEFORE leaving home and come with a mask covering nose and mouth.  We’ll continue to provide opportunities to get an ID and Metrocard in the cafeteria from 1pm to 3pm on every school day.  English/ENL teachers have been distributing FHHS Planners for SY2020-21 to blended students, so please make sure you get one to keep track of assignments and important events.

Please complete the COVID-19 testing consent form through Operoo or NYC Schools Account (NYCSA).  You can also complete it on the health screening app by clicking “Consent” tab at the top of the screen.  Random testing will take place monthly at FHHS by a testing partner with the DOE and will consist of an anterior nasal swab.  School staff will be present while the testing is done.

Remote students will have an opportunity to pick up a FHHS Planner along with an ID card starting 10/19 from 1pm to 3pm and every Monday and Tuesday for remainder of October.  You can go to delivery entrance and should bring your program or other ID.  You’ll need to complete the health screening and have your temperature checked. 


Blended families: Complete NYC DOE Consent Form for COVID-19 Testing available at or NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), or via  If you complete the hard copy, your child can return on assigned in-person day to Room 137.

Check Pupilpath after 3pm daily for schedule updates

Per revised schedule, look for Google Classroom invites via gmail from new teachers.  The virtual meeting codes are available in Google Classroom under the course title.

Blended Students MUST complete the Health Screening Survey EVERY DAY they attend school in-person PRIOR to entering the building at

Remote Learning Device request form

Currently, families can only select FULL REMOTE on the Learning Preference Survey.  The window to select BLENDED reopens October 26-30.  

Register for PTA Meeting: October 26, 2020 at 6pm.  

Take care and have a positive and productive weekend.

K Houlihan, Principal