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PupilPath is a convenient tool for parents/guardians and students to view important student and school information.  All incoming students are provided with PupilPath log-in directions.  Parents are encouraged to register with PupilPath, using their own log-in address and password, to access important information.  By registering with PupilPath, you and your child will have access to the following:
  • class assignments and projects along with due dates
  • student attendance 
  • student progress in each class to include classwork, homework, tests, and projects
  • access to handouts and assignments when your child is absent from school
  • access to transcripts and graduation eligibility status
  • school announcements, calendar updates, and upcoming events 
To register for PupilPath, go to click "Student Register" or "Parent Register."  Then, complete the following:
  • your email address (PARENTS, STUDENTS)
  • your prefix (i.e. Mr., Mrs., or Dr.) (PARENTS ONLY)
  • your first name (PARENTS ONLY)
  • your last name (PARENTS ONLY)
  • your child's school (PARENTS, STUDENTS)
  • your child's 9-digit OSIS number
  • your child's date of birth (PARENTS, STUDENTS)
  • the registration code provided by your teacher(s) or guidance counselor (STUDENTS ONLY)
  • the registration code provided by the Parent Coordinator (PARENTS ONLY)
  • after clicking "Register," you will receive an email with an activation link that will allow you to set your password