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PupilPath is Fort Hamilton High School’s online communication and information system which allows parents and students to access the student’s academic progress and attendance and to contact school personnel. PupilPath registration no longer relies on the PupilPath invitation letter and registration code. ONLY the student account will have access to complete online assignments and assessments. IMPORTANT – PARENTS AND STUDENTS CANNOT USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN REGISTERING.
Requirements to register without the Registration Code and PupilPath letter:
      • Guardians and students must download the iOS or Android app.
      • Guardian or student must have an email address (NEW for students only if they register through the app and must be different from the parent email. Student’s do not need an email if registering through the website using the registration code).
      • The user must know the
        • school name
        • student’s ID number and
        • student’s date of birth
STEP 1 On your phone, download the PupilPath app by Illuminate Mobile
STEP 2 Open the app on your phone and tap Register. Choose Parent or Student
STEP 3 Select the student’s school, enter the student’s ID number, select the student’s birthday and tap Verify
STEP 4 Tap your title, enter you first name, last name and email address and click Continue
STEP 5 Check your email for the PupilPath activation email from Click the link in the email, which will return you to the registration screen and automatically enter the activation code.
STEP 6 Enter and confirm your password and your account will be activated.
The Parent Coordinator is also the Language Access Coordinator. She speaks, writes, and reads Arabic. She assists with translation and interpretation service needs during the PTA meetings, parent workshops, Parent Teacher Conferences, and other events if needed.
The Parent Coordinator coordinates opportunities for students that she shares on PupilPath weekly. These opportunities include scholarships, internships, and summer jobs. She also supervises SYEP students during the summer.
During virtual learning, the Parent Coordinator is eager to ensure the communication with parents and students. Resources for parents and opportunities for students are sent to parents and students every week. The Parent Coordinator continues to reach families via phone to assist with PupilPath, creation code, and other resources for parents.
We urge you to take the opportunity to contact the Parent Coordinator, attend PTA meetings, partake in parent workshops, and be involved in your child’s education.
When parents and school staff work together to support learning students:
      • Earn higher grades and test scores;
      • Enroll in higher-level programs;
      • Are promoted more and earn more credits;
      • Adapt better to school and attend more regularly;
      • Have better social skills and behavior; and
      • Graduate and go on to higher education

    • Need Assistance with PupilPath?
    • *Request will be answered in the order it was received