Fort Hamilton High School

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All schools in New York State will now remain closed through April 29, 2020. WE ARE TIGERS & WE ARE FIERCE

Important Information - March 23, 2020

Fort Students and Families:

Welcome to Week 1 of full-time remote learning.  I hope that everyone is waking up healthy to this new adventure.  We know the transition will raise questions and we’re committed to resolving them as quickly as possible.  Here are resources to support everyone. 

1.  Information to assist with remote learning will be posted on FHHS website home page at  The staff directory can assist with email outreach to specific teachers or counselors as needed.

2.  Need gmail account to access Google Classrooms: please complete this form:, if you continue to have issues email

3.  Need Technology Device – Please help us assess student needs for a device by completing FHHS request here  We hope to distribute devices Tuesday, 3/24 from 9am to 12pm until supplies last, but FIRST MUST assess student need. 

4.  Need Internet Access:

5.  Need Pupilpath codes: email counselor or Parent Coordinator, Nancy Makkar  Since all messages will be sent via Pupilpath, it is important that all students and families receive messages and keep up with student progress.

6.  All teachers have set up Google Classrooms and invited students to join.  STUDENTS, please join EVERY class on 3/23 to help us assess that everyone is present and ready for remote learning across content areas.  This includes elective classes.

7.  All teachers will establish daily office hours Monday through Friday to be available live to assist with questions.  These hours may vary daily and change as we learn about best ways to support students.

Thank you and best wishes for positive and productive remote learning.  Please send questions to and I will forward as needed.


Please stay healthy.

K Houlihan, Principal