Fort Hamilton High School

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All schools in New York State will now remain closed through June 26, 2020. WE ARE TIGERS & WE ARE FIERCE

Important Information for FHHS Families June 19, 2020

Fort Students and Families:                                                    June 19, 2020

I understand that seniors and families are disappointed about the cancelled efforts we had planned for next week. Cancelling the Staff Salute to Seniors is most painful. Any effort that involves our numbers is more complex, and safety measures required could not be assured.   I hope that future DOE guidance will allow us to reschedule these activities for later this summer. Please understand that neither the collection/distribution nor the Salute will take place.  For those who must retrieve materials from the school gym or dance lockers, Ms. Lamacchia and Mr. Kozlowski will share a way to make special arrangements.

Any student who needs to revise or make-up work to earn a passing or higher grade must complete the work on June 22 per teacher guidance.   

Summer School 2020 plans are under way for a full remote experience.  Students can anticipate the courses they need to complete when final report cards are released on June 26 via Pupilpath.  Students who earn an NX for Term 2 in the core (math, English, social studies, science) and Health or PE will be automatically registered to complete work to demonstrate mastery of the standards.  Electives will be limited to seniors.  Making up credits from prior terms will be limited to the core with some exceptions made for seniors who can graduate in August.  Further information will be shared via Pupilpath. 

The Return to School Survey 2020 is now open to capture feedback from students and families about what are the most important considerations for their return to school in the fall. This feedback will help us to explore and plan various options for re-opening school buildings in the 2020-21 school year along with guidance from public health experts and advisory groups.  You’re encouraged to participate in this anonymous online survey through June 22.

June 22           Final day for students to make up, redo or complete new assignments to earn passing or higher grade.

June 25           Graduation – virtual recording at 4:30pm

June 26           Term 2 report cards available on Pupilpath

July 6              First day of Summer School 2020 – last day is August 14

Stay safe and healthy.  Have a positive and productive weekend.

K Houlihan