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Preliminary Reopening Plan for SY2020-21

Fort Hamilton HS Community:                                                         July 22, 2020

We are currently planning to reopen for blended learning per guidance from the NYC Department of Education.  Safety is at the forefront of our plans, and every school’s model is based on capacity to maintain safety for students and staff. 

Specific guidelines are forthcoming, and I wish that I could dispel the many rumors with facts about what September will look like. I’ve met with Fort leadership, teacher representatives, and the School Leadership Team to share information, and to elicit ideas and concerns.  I’ve also been meeting with other principals of large high schools.  Provided here is the preliminary plan for Fort Hamilton HS to reopen for SY2020-21. 

We must request an exception to the models offered by the DOE.  We are currently 190% overcapacity and the projected register for SY2020-21 adds another 60 students for a total of 4,660 students.  Therefore, we plan the following to maintain social distancing when staff and students are in the building.

�  Maintain 3 sessions to space out entry and exit (periods 1-8, 2-9, or 3-10).
�  Maintain 10-period day with a slightly altered bell schedule to allow additional passing time and teacher collaboration.
�  Five cohorts of students will be created for in-person instruction.  Each student will come to the building one time every 5 school days (approximately 1x/week) for in-person learning.  The other 4 school days will be remote learning.
�  Block scheduling for most core classes will assist with reducing movement while in the building.
�  Every content area will be offered in person. Students will meet with all teachers when in the building (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, LOTE, Arts, etc.)  
�  Fort Hamilton teachers will teach Fort Hamilton students.
�  Students and staff must maintain social distancing in all locations at all times, outside and inside.
�  Students and staff must wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking.
�  Cleaning protocols will be followed per DOE guidance with all community members taking responsibility. 

Families can opt for full-time remote learning by completing the Learning Preference by August 7.  Learning Preference(Open external link) survey by August 7

Here is a link to more information from the DOE about schools reopening in the fall.  Return to School 2020 page.

As new information becomes available, I will share it via Pupilpath email, phone message (families only), and on our website at  I will hold a community forum on August 11 at 5pm to address ongoing questions.  A final plan to reopen is due on August 14 to the DOE.

Thank you for continuing to have confidence in Fort Hamilton HS.  We are a strong community and will do our best to engage students in everything that makes our school special.  All members will contribute to safety measures and we are determined to have a positive and productive SY2020-21.

K Houlihan