Important Information for FHHS Families - January 6, 2021

Fort Students and Families:  January 6, 2021

I wanted to provide an update on the progress to clean up and restore our building following the flood that occurred January 2nd.  While messy and much work is needed, we can replace the damaged floor and ceiling tiles, furniture, computers, etc.  No one was hurt and all school operations continue remotely.

With some exceptions, the primary damage is in the wing on 83rd Street and the field side from the 2nd floor to the basement.  Along with our terrific team at FHHS, the teams from SCA and DSF are experienced with addressing these matters, and they will first address classrooms and the offices that suffered the most damage (154, 145, and 143).  The building is busy with activity and progress is occurring daily.

The building will continue to be off limits for at least the next 30 days to everyone not affiliated with repair and restoration. There is NO FOOD DISTRIBUTION at FHHS. Our FHHS Tech Team is on site to assess computers damaged, including the iPads assigned to students from the DOE.  Everyone will continue fully remote until further notice.  

Areas where floors need to be replaced on the 2nd floor include the yoga room and classrooms on the 83rd field side. On the 1st floor, much work is needed to restore the lobby, administrative hallway on 83rd Street side, including 145 and the girls’ gym. The basement spaces most affected include the student cafeteria, weight room, B64, and the dance floor.   

Thank you for diving back into classes this week. We have 16 days remaining in the term and everyone needs to focus and do their best on upcoming finals (Jan 13-22 – see detail below) and complete work to earn a passing score. 

There is urgency for students working to recover NX grades from SY19-20 to complete the work before January 26th to avoid repeating the course entirely.  Please organize weekends and evenings as needed to complete the NX work, as the complete course is at minimum 4x what the modified class requires.

Take care and stay focused to finish the term strong.

K Houlihan

Final Exam Schedule - Wednesday, January 13 to Friday, January 22

January 13 - Parts I for Arts, English, ENL 

January 14 - Part I for Business, Health, JROTC, Science

                     Part II for English, ENL

January 15 - Part I for Social Studies, World Languages

January 19 - Part I for Mathematics

                     Part II for JROTC, Social Studies

January 20 - Part II for Health, Mathematics, Science

January 21 - Part II for Arts, World Languages

January 22 - MAKE-UP Exams