Fort Hamilton High School News and Information - April 7, 2021

Fort Students and Families,                             April 6, 2021 

Welcome back from Spring Recess with hopes that you had a restful and fun-filled week.  Whether Spring Recess is early or late, it always feels like a sprint to June. Do your best to pace yourself and consistently keep up to succeed this term.

Many PSAL activities resume in April, and messages have been sent via Pupilpath about each sport we’re able to staff this school year.  Required documents will be a medical report, parent consent, and consent for covid testing in school, regardless of choice for fully remote learning.

Learning Preference:  Families can always choose remote for a learning preference, but the DOE is opening the window to select blended from March 24 to April 9 at: . Families can also call 311.  There is no date set when students changing to blended will begin attending in-person, but stay tuned for more information. 


April 7-9 - Blended students attend per cohort assignment 1 day per week (ZWED = Wednesday, ZTHU = Thursday, ZFRI = Friday.  We will assess increasing in-person days later in April, but Blended students who don’t attend in-person will be moved to Remote so we can accommodate students who attend. 

April 23 – End of Marking Period 2

Term 1 Grade Change Request:  Families have the option to request that a passing numeric grade from Term 1 can be converted to CR (credit) by completing the form here no later than April 30, 2021.  This does not apply to grades of NX. PARENT/GUARDIAN CHOICE OF GRADING SCALE for 2020 TERM 1

Take care. 

K Houlihan