Fort Hamilton High School News and Information - April 10, 2021

April 10, 2021 

The window to opt-in to Blended learning closed on 4/9.  No date has been set for newly Blended students to start attending in person. Current Blended students will attend 1 day per week (Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday) until further notice.  We will assess increasing in-person days later in April, and Blended students who don’t attend in-person will be moved to Remote after 4/16. Please note that every Blended student must have a completed consent for covid testing to attend in person.

PSAL activities got under way this past week.  Both Remote and Blended students are eligible to participate as long as consent for covid testing and other required documents are provided.  While there is no prior academic requirement for student participation, students must be actively present in all classes and progressing to earn passing grades.


April 12 – All students are remote for live virtual instruction.

April 13 – All students are remote for live virtual instruction except for juniors taking the SAT at FHHS. 

Registered juniors taking the SAT on 4/13 were emailed the schedule, materials needed, and room assignment for the in-person exam administration.  Select teachers proctoring the exam will provide asynchronous materials for their students on 4/13.

SLT at 5pm.

April 14-16 - Blended students attend per cohort assignment 1 day per week (ZWED = Wednesday, ZTHU = Thursday, ZFRI = Friday.  

April 15 -  FHHS Community Event - Virtual Zumba class, 4pm on google meet!
Please fill out the link: in order to sign up!!

April 19- PTA meeting at 6pm.  Executive Board begins at 4:30 followed by Title 1 at 5:30pm.

April 23 – End of Marking Period 2

April 30 - Term 1 Grade Change Request:  Families have the option to request that a passing numeric grade from Term 1 can be converted to CR (credit) by completing the form here no later than April 30, 2021.  This does not apply to grades of NX. PARENT/GUARDIAN CHOICE OF GRADING SCALE for 2020 TERM 1


Take care. 

K Houlihan