Fort Hamilton High School News and Information - October 1, 2021

Fort Hamilton Community,

Week 3 of the new school year at Fort Hamilton High School went well, and we welcome the gorgeous weather of October. 

Online Classes: Students with full online electives (seniors only) and/or core classes required to make up for graduation were notified about access and the commitment to participate in this important opportunity.  Teachers will follow up in the coming week with special attention to seniors who have Health online, a required course for graduation.

NX Online Classes: Students with NX courses remaining from Spring 2021 will be notified on Monday, 10/4 how to access the credit recovery opportunity.  An NX Lab supported by content teachers will be scheduled and shared in the coming weeks, but students can begin as soon as they get the email about Edgenuity and/or Delta Math.  Assigned teachers will be following up as well, but it’s critical that students create a schedule to complete the work no later than January 15 to avoid having to make up the full course.

We are proud to report that the large majority of FHHS staff are vaccinated and we’re prepared for a smooth transition for any staff beginning a leave on Monday, 10/4.  If you have any questions about an adjustment to your child’s schedule or teacher, please contact the counselor.  Assistant Principals in each content area will be working with current teachers covering classes and/or substitutes to ensure continuity of instruction, but please reach out with questions.

We continue to have Covid testing each week (9/17, 9/24, and 10/1), and continue to have NO transmission amongst students as of today, 10/2.  Thank you for completing the covid testing consent on NYC School Account so that we have a variety of students tested each week.

Thanks to staff and students for cooperating with safety measures to protect our entire community.  One positive case was reported last week and close contacts were notified.  However, no quarantine was needed for close contacts since masks and social distancing were in effect.  As needed, any student quarantined will be provided learning materials and assignments via Google Classroom from each teacher.

We are a designated Vaccine Pop-up Site next week, 10/4-8 from 7-11am.  The vaccine is available to students, parents and the community.  If you’d like to upload your child’s vaccine status to the DOE Vaccine Portal, please do so at DOE’s Vaccination Portal(Open external link), as it provides greater protection for our community. 

Shared via Pupilpath on 9/29 was the letter for parents who wish to give permission for their child to leave if lunch is the last in-person period on their schedule.  All written permission must be returned to the guidance counselor who will verify by phone and then document the early dismissal.  Students leaving before the end of their schedule must have permission and swipe out.

Please check our website at for updates and links to Pupilpath, NYC School Accounts, and other etc.

Thank you for your cooperation and best wishes that you and your family stay healthy. 

K Houlihan, Principal