Important Information for FHHS Staff

Dear Colleagues, 

Thank you for leadership and incredible hard work this summer and this week to prepare for a great school opening and school year for our students and families. I wanted to provide some brief guidance about the September 6th and 7th Chancellor conference days and request that you distribute a family letter with your new and returning families to ensure they receive New York City’s most up-to-date guidance on health and safety.  

  • As a reminder, the workday for teachers and paraprofessionals on September 6th and 7th is 6 hours and 50 minutes, and teachers should be provided with sufficient time on at least one of these days to prepare their classrooms; the remaining time shall be used for professional learning. If you have questions about this, please contact your senior field counsel.  


Best wishes for a successful school opening! 




Dan Weisberg 


First Deputy Chancellor