A Message from Mr. Holke- Regarding Student Lateness

Student Lateness to Class

Lateness to class is a constant concern at Fort Hamilton High School especially given the large student body, subsequently, we must all work together to reduce the number of students in the hallway after the late bell.  To that end, please adhere to the following procedures regarding student lateness to class.


  1. Classroom teachers should stand by the room entrance, encouraging students to move along and asking their own students to come into the classroom.  Also, standing in the hallway is a deterrent to any untoward events.
  2. Teachers should begin their lessons upon the late bell ringing.  Closing the classroom door sends a non-verbal signal to the students that the lesson has begun.
  3. Students entering the classroom after the late bell should be addressed in some manner i.e.:  signing a late log, speaking to the student, checking the student’s program, marking the student late, calling the home, etc. 
  4. Students arriving late should not be turned away to get a late pass which would result in the student walking the hallways and missing more class time.
  5. If you are engaged with a student in an office or a classroom and the late bell has rung, a late pass should be issued to the student so that he/she can walk through the hallway and enter his/her classroom unimpeded.
  6. Students coming into the building after the first 15 minutes of periods 1 through 3, and anytime thereafter, are considered late and will be issued a late pass by CAASS which should be presented to the teacher upon entry to the classroom.
  7. Students who continue to be late to class should be referred to their guidance counselor or your Assistant Principal for further intervention.
  8. Remember no passes should be given out the first 10 minutes of each period and last 5 minutes of the period.  Bathrooms are locked and the hallways must be swept by the deans.  Students found in the hallway during a sweep will be stopped and questioned.  Remind students to use the bathroom during their lunch period, physical education period or when they have class in the modules.


In addition to these procedures, you may also want to speak to your Assistant Principal and discuss any other educational incentives that can be offered to encourage students to arrive to class on time.

As always, everyone’s cooperation is an essential ingredient in decreasing student lateness, as well as,

to the overall safety of our school. 

Thank you.