A message from Mr. Holke regarding Halloween

Safety Procedure                                             Halloween Plan



October 31, 2022


  1. On the days immediately preceding the Halloween, the principal or designee will speak on the public address system, advising students about inappropriate school appearance and possession of contraband i.e.: eggs, shaving cream, masks, etc.  Teachers, likewise, should encourage students to come to school prepared for a regular day of instruction.


  1. The DOE Safety Administrator, the Commanding Officer of the 68th precinct and school police officer will be notified if the need arises for additional police coverage on days preceding Halloween.  The police have also been asked to monitor local merchants.


  1. Students will enter through main doors only.  Any students attempting to enter the building dressed or made up inappropriately, will be sent to the dean’s office where they will have their homes called and appropriate action taken.   Staff should immediately report any students, inside the building, dressed inappropriately.


  1. Students found in possession of inappropriate materials must be brought to the attention of the administration and brought to the dean’s office where any inappropriate items will be confiscated and the home called, if necessary.  Students may be detained in the dean’s office, if necessary, until a parent comes up to school.  If a parent or guardian cannot come to school, then the student will remain in the dean’s office where work will be obtained from teachers.


  1. Building sweeps will be conducted by deans at the start of each period. All assistant principals and teachers should be present in hallways during passing to discourage student lateness, loitering and any untoward incidents.  Staff will immediately report any improprieties to security.  The custodian should also be notified of any debris or food found in the building so that it can be cleaned up immediately.


  1. The module courtyard may be closed for passing, depending on student attendance, until ninth period dismissal.


  1. Outdoor physical education classes normally held on the athletic field will be supervised closely by teachers and, if necessary, deans.  Classes may be brought into the building if necessary.  All after school activities will be monitored closely by school staff, school safety and cancelled if need arises.


  1. Outdoor arrival and dismissal patrols for students will take place as scheduled.  All students will be asked to leave school grounds and neighboring areas after their school day.


  1. Dismissals will take place at normal times and exit the building via Shore Road (Exit 10) and module courtyard exits only.  Students will then be escorted by school safety, deans and NYPD along Shore Road and up 83rd and 86th Streets.