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FHHS offers many unique & exciting sporting opportunities each school year.  Many of the Fall Sports Teams have already begun!  Please email the coach listed for details as you do not want to miss your opportunity to take part/tryout!
Please note that, before trying out, all students must have a valid/complete:
PSAL MEDICAL FORM (see attached, no other medical will be accepted)
NYC DOE CONSENT TO TEST FOR COVID FORM (see attached & note that this form expires 09/30/22 & a new form may be required in the coming weeks)
NOTE:  All forms must be completed in BLUE or BLACK INK ONLY.  Do not skip or omit information.  ORIGINALS ONLY as faxed, electronic, photocopies, etc. are not accepted.
If these forms are not filled out properly, information is omitted/missing, originals are not submitted, etc., the athlete will be sent home/unable to participate.
Also, all students who desire to tryout for:
must be FULLY vaccinated
Fully vaccinated means two weeks AFTER final shot/dose administered & this information must be entered to the Vaccine Portal. Vaccination status must be uploaded BEFORE taking part in any team events or tryouts.  Please be sure to input data & contact coach to ensure that the athlete will be able to participate/athlete is not sent home.
Be sure to contact the coach(es) directly to find out tryout dates, times, locations, & more.

Boys’ JV Baseball 
Spring  Ceci 
Boys’ Baseball 
Spring  Astuto 
Boys’ JV Basketball 
Winter  Nagi & Ceci 
Boys’ Basketball 
Winter  Tolento 
Girls’JV Basketball 
Winter  Beruldsen 
Girls’ Basketball 
Winter  Attanasio 
Boys’ Bowling 
Fall  Tolento 
Girls’ Bowling 
Fall  Davis 
Fall  Estrada & Sefick 
Girls’ Cross Country Track 
Fall  Babel 
Girls’ Flag Football 
Spring  Beruldsen
Boys’ JV Football
Fall  Quackenbush 
Boys’ Football 
Fall  Perez 
Co-Ed Golf 
Spring  Attanasio 
Girls’ Golf 
Fall Attanasio 
Boys’ Handball 
Spring  Davis
Girls’ Handball 
Spring  Sherry 
Girls’ Indoor Track 
Winter  Picozzi 
Girls’ Lacrosse 
Spring  Shipman 
Boys’ Outdoor Track 
Spring  Nagi 
Girls’ Outdoor Track 
Spring  Babel 
Boys’ Soccer 
Fall Khodorkovsky 
Girls’ Soccer 
Fall  Coyne 
Girls’ JV Softball 
Spring  Jerez 
Girls’ Softball 
Spring  Tolento 
Boys’ Swimming
Winter  Forthofer 
Girls’ Swimming 
Fall  Pelegritti 
Boys’ Tennis 
Spring  Ceci
Girls’ Tennis 
Fall  Nagi
Boys’ Volleyball 
Spring  Tolve 
Girls’JV Volleyball 
Fall  Tolve
Girls’ Volleyball 
Fall  Sherry 

Fort Hamilton High School 

Athletic Department  

Spring 2023


NOTEOnly players listed on the ACTIVE PSAL Roster along with managers & coaches listed on the PSAL Website will be granted entry.  Volunteer Assistant Coaches must have an official letter of introduction to be on the bench/playing field.  Officials, coaches, players, etc. are not permitted to bring their child/children to the games under any circumstances. 


REVISED 02/07/23 

Indoor Spectator Policy 
1. FHHS welcomes parent(s)/guardian(s) & adult family members (18 & older) of all players listed ACTIVE Roster listed at  All children (17 & under) must be accompanied by an adult. 

  1. 2. FHHS DOES NOT ALLOW STUDENTS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS, but does welcomes FHHS students will a valid ID Card (actual card only).  Paper ID’s, etc. will not be accepted. 
    3. All spectators must enter through the main lobby; this includes FHHS Teachers who may want to see a student in their class complete.  DO NOT REPORT DIRECTLY TO COMPETITION AREA.  
    4. Doors open for entry 10 minutes prior to the start of the competition & close 30 minutes after the start of the competition. 
    5. Entry will be based on a 'first come first serve' basis.  Please line up in an orderly fashion outside of the school building until doors open. 
    6. Once venue capacity has been reached, no additional spectators will be granted access/allowed in. 
  2. 7. FHHS reserves the right to deny entry to any person at any time.
    8. Spectators must exit immediately at the conclusion of the athletic competition & are not permitted to wait or linger in, on, or around competition area. Please meet your athlete OUTSIDE of the building. 
  3. 9.  All spectators are required to conduct themselves in a positive & productive manner.  Name calling, slurs, bullying, harassing, foul language/cursing, etc. is not permitted & will not be tolerated.

Outdoor Spectator Policy 

  1. Since FHHS outdoor events are played at a Public Park, families, students, etc. from both schools are welcome.
    2. Spectators are NOT permitted on the athletic field & must remain behind the designated spectator fence. 
  2. 3. There will be no building access to spectatorsAs such, all spectators must use the restrooms located in Russell Pedersen Park, adjacent to the field, off Colonial Road.
  3. 4. Dogs, bicycles, electronic scooters, smoking, drinking, are not permitted.  Please see NYC Parks Department Policies for more details.
  4. 5. All spectators are required to conduct themselves in a positive & productive manner.  Name calling, slurs, bullying, harassing, foul language/cursing, etc. is not permitted & will not be tolerated.




Note:  Everyone entering must physically have ID on them, photos, photocopies, etc. not allowed. 

-Officials, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Players, & Managers listed on the PSAL website  

-Current FHHS Students with a valid FHHS ID Card  

-FHHS Faculty & Staff 

-Parent or Guardian of players (both teams) that have a valid NYS or other acceptable form of ID  

-Siblings of players only if they are accompanied by their parent or guardian 



Note:  FHHS reserves the right to deny entry to any person at any time. 

-Students from other schools 

-Children of Officials, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Players, or Managers 

-Suspended FHHS Students 

-Former FHHS Students (exception applies to alumni of the FHHS team playing) 

-Anyone who does not have an ID 

-Anyone banned from Athletic Events  



-NO, spectators are not permitted at the home games of Telecommunication, New Utrecht, or Lincoln High School (exceptions MAY apply if FHHS is hosting playoffs for PSAL)