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General Information


In the event of a student absence, the student must present a signed note indicating the reason for the absence to all subject teachers. Absence notices must have the following information: student’s name; official class; OSIS number and the dates of the absence(s). After all teachers have signed the note, the completed note must be brought to the Attendance Office, room 145. If a student is excessively absent for the marking period, the student is to fail with a code grade of 45.



If a student develops a pattern of latenesses to your class, please initiate parental outreach. All student latenesses should be documented in a Late Log as per the Ladder of Referral.





No student may be excused during school hours for any of the following reasons:

  • To keep a medical or dental appointment – unless the student has documentation for a scheduled appointment that could not be scheduled during non-school hours, in which case the documentation and a note from the parent explaining the problem must be provided along with the telephone number so that verification may be made by the Attendance Office (room 145).
  • To leave early to go on a weekend or family trip.
  • To take a driver’s test or go for a driver’s permit.
  • To go on a job interview.
  • Early excuses for college placement examinations or interviews must be approved by the College Counselor, in advance of the date via a parental note, countersigned by the College Counselor and then submitted to the Attendance Office (room 145).
  • Early excuses arising out of illness must be arranged by the Health Office school aide after parent contact is made.
  • In other emergency situations not covered above, refer the student to the Attendance Office (room 145), or to the Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel Services (room 137) for an evaluation.



Students whose names appear on the “NO SHOW” list issued by the Attendance Office Coordinator at the beginning of each month – October through June – must be barred from all classes until re-admitted to the active register. A re-admitted student will present a newly issued program indicating the date. Accept no excuses from the student concerning his/her absence. If the student is on the “NO SHOW” list, he/she must be barred pending official re-admission.



A student who does not attend school regularly cannot be considered to have fulfilled his educational responsibilities. Poor attendance should be reflected in the student’s grades. Although a student may not be failed solely for excessive absence, cutting or lateness, it is assumed that lack of consistent attendance will result in poor achievement and lead to failure in the subject class as a result of lack of participation, comprehension and mastery of the subject matter taught.


In an effort to reinforce student accountability for absence from school, the following guidelines will be in effect immediately:


  • Students who are absent from school must bring a note from a parent. A doctor’s note is required for students who are absent three or more days.
  • The subject class teacher checks the note for authenticity, signs it, and marks an “N” in their attendance records.
  • The student then puts his/her OSIS # and official class on the absence note. The note should then be brought to room 206 or placed in the Project Success mailbox located in the Main Office.
  • At the end of the marking period, the Program Office will provide you with a listing of excessively absent students in your classes.


Please remember that parents or students who question a failing grade should never be advised that absence is the determination for failing. Absence contributes to failure for the reasons outlined above.