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Object lense of a microscop

John Christakos, Assistant Principal


The New  York State Science Standards require that every student satisfactorily complete three years of science, of which two must be Regents courses, one in Living Environment and one in the Physical Setting (either Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics).


At Fort Hamilton High School, we have created a sequence of science courses that will meet the educational needs of all our students, based on their academic level, and are aligned to the New York State Common Core curriculum and the New Generation Science Standards.  


  • 9th Year Living Environment
  • 10th Year Chemistry or Earth Science
  • 11th Year Physics along with AP Biology, AP Chemistry or AP Environmental Science OR Science Elective offered below.
  • 12th Year Science AP courses (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science OR Physics) OR Science Elective offered below.


Science Electives: Astrobiology, Astronomy,  Bio Medical  Laboratory Techniques, Bio Psychology, Emergency Medical Training, Geology, Marine Science, Meteorology, Microbiology,  OR Pathology/Forensics.