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PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH & JROTC Kristin LaMacchia, Assistant Principal All students are required to take and pass seven terms of Physical Education and one term of Health.
The following Physical Education classes are offered: 
Badminton Skateboarding
Baseball Soccer
Basketball Softball (Advanced)
Fitness Softball
Flag Football Survey
Football (Advanced) Swimming
Golf Volleyball
Martial Arts Weight Training
Polar Bear Yoga
In addition, with special permission from the staff, students may request Advanced Football, Advanced Softball, Lifeguard, and Swimming.
Every student must change into a Fort Hamilton High School uniform for Physical Education class. This includes a Fort Hamilton High School t-shirt, athletic shorts/sweatpants, and sneakers. A Fort Hamilton High School lock must be used on the lockers. Both the lock and the uniform may be purchased from or the S.O. Store located in the students’ cafeteria.
Prices are listed below.
Locks TBA
Shorts $20.00
Sweatpants $25.00
T-shirt  $14.00
To help ensure the safe and secure use of gym lockers, the following locker room procedures must be adhered to at all times:
  • Students with an assigned Physical Education class must use their FHHS photo ID to swipe into the locker rooms via the CAASS ID system.
  • Only Fort Hamilton High School locks are allowed on lockers. All others will be removed.
  • At your own risk, small lockers may be used for storage of Physical Education clothes. 
  • Students are permitted in the locker room ONLY when they have Physical Education class. 
  • Books or other items are not to be brought into the gymnasium. • The only time books or clothing are stored in the lockers is during your Physical Education class. 
  • For security purposes, the locker room is locked after the late bell. If you arrive late, you will not be able to change and, therefore, not be able to participate in class. During the beginning and end of each period, the locker room is monitored by an assigned teacher. 
  • Do not share lockers. 
  • Do not leave your clothes in an unlocked locker.
This program may be taken as an elective credit for one to four years. The program is open to both male and female students. The focus of this program is to develop and foster citizenship, fellowship, and leadership. Students become experts at group dynamics as well as decision-making and role-modeling. There is a Cadet ranking and the Table of Organization includes a Commanding Officer, Executive Officer – all the way down to private – much the way our armed forces are currently structured. Uniforms are worn once a week and on special occasions. There are no costs for this program and there is an optional summer camp program. Special activities include community functions, drill competitions, honor guard, parades, and National competitions. In addition, an annual Military Ball is held to celebrate the accomplishments of our JROTC program.