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Kristin LaMacchia, Assistant Principal


All students are required to take and pass seven semesters of Physical Education and one semester of Health.  All incoming students will be programmed for a survey class.  If they pass this class, they can choose from the following selective classes:


Boys Girls
Baseball Basketball
Basketball Flag Football
Football Lacrosse
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Survey Softball Survey
Beginner Swim Skateboarding
Fitness  Soccer
Golf Ultimate Workout
Handball Yoga
Martial Arts Volleyball
Paddleball/Badminton Weight Training


Every student must change into a Fort Hamilton High School uniform for Physical Education class.  This includes a Fort Hamilton High School t-shirt, athletic shorts and/or sweat pants and sneakers.  A Fort Hamilton High School lock must be used on the lockers.  Both the lock and the uniform may be purchased from the S.O. Store which is located in the students’ cafeteria.  The cost of the tee-shirt is $12.00, locks are $13.00, shorts are $15.00 and sweat pants are $20.00.  Packages may be purchased for $53.00.