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Fort Hamilton JROTC Students in uniform sitting on bleachers HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT

Kristin LaMacchia, Assistant Principal


Army Junior ROTC:

This program may be taken as an elective credit from one to four years.  The program is open to both male and female students.  At this time, enrollment is approximately 50% female and 50% male.


The main focus of this program is to develop and foster citizenship, fellowship and leadership.  Students become experts at group dynamics as well as decision-making and role-modeling.  There is a Cadet ranking and the Table of Organization includes a Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, all the way down to private—much the way our armed forces is currently structured.  Uniforms are worn once-a-week and on special occasions.  There are no costs for this program and there is an optional summer camp program.  Special activities include community functions, drill competitions, honor guard and parades.  In addition, an annual Military Ball is held to celebrate the accomplishments of our JROTC program.