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Joffrey Dance Academy


Joffrey Dance Academy 

Students audition from across New York City for the unique opportunity to receive training from the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School's public school auditioned magnet program. Our partnership with the Joffrey Ballet School is now in its 8th year. The program has a pre professional conservatory style focus on ballet, modern/contemporary, improv and choreography techniques. Students also take supplemental classes in pointe, jazz and other genres.  Classes in anatomy for dancers and dance history are included throughout a student's 4 years of dance study. We are a very special, supportive, tight-knit community of dance artists within a full comprehensive high school that offers a full traditional high school experience. Students get significant personal attention and have many unique opportunities. The program produces two major shows a year. The Joffrey Dance Academy produces a full Nutcracker ballet and a Spring dance concert which includes a variety of styles and commissions some of NYC's most sought after choreographers to set or create work for our students. The program attends the National/Regional High School Dance Festival every year during an out of state sleep away trip. At the festival students take masterclasses with various BFA conservatory/college faculty and perform/audition for college scholarships. 


The program is in its 5th year with our annual spring American Ballet Partnership. ABT faculty teach during the Spring semester and set or create work for our spring show. Every May and June dancers are taken to Lincoln Center multiple times to see ABT's full-length ballets. The Joffrey Dance Academy contains three levels plus an apprentice class and students are placed by skill level, not grade.  Scholarships are available for our top students to the Joffrey Ballet Schools prestigious summer programs by invitation and recommendation. Many of our eligible students are also a part of the Honors Academy and take Honors and AP classes if eligible. If accepted and eligible for honors classes, the honors core classes will be scheduled around your dance classes. We look forward to seeing you dance!



Public school staff and students with access to DOE Office 365 or TeachHub (including charter schools): will submit auditions through the Virtual Audition Submission Tool for most programs by following these instructions. Detailed instructions are attached. 

  1. To access the Virtual Audition Submission Tool, open a browser and login to your NYC DOE school account.
  2. Once you login to your NYC DOE account and navigate to the Virtual Audition Submission Tool:
  3. The start page for the Virtual Audition Submission Tool should appear.
  4. Instructions for preparing and uploading audition files are included in this web-based Tool. If you are stuck, or if the Tool does not display after navigating to the URL above, please contact your counselor, or call the NYCDOE Call Center at (718) 935-2200 for assistance. 

The aforementioned audition tool should also be available in the myschools application.




Prepare and submit two (2) recorded audition videos described below. Video 1: Learn and record yourself performing one of the pre-recorded solos of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, or West African dance from the video library below. This dance video will be used to assess the following dance components: replication of dance steps, following direction, musicality, coordination, flexibility, expression. Record so that your full body and movement is shown.  Here is access to the pre-recorded dances and music to the dances Video 2: Prepare and record a video of yourself performing a 30 second - 60 second solo in any style of dance with which you feel most comfortable. This may include but is not limited to Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Modern, Theater Dance, or West African. This dance video is to assess the following dance components: creativity, musicality, coordination, flexibility, expression. Record so that your full body and movement is shown. Schools may invite you to “call backs” for virtual on-demand tasks.

The FHHS Joffrey Dance Academy prefers auditioning students choose from ether the ballet, modern or jazz solo material. 

A 1 min solo of your own in any genera of your choice is also required. This solo can be choreographed by you or someone else.