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  • DRAMA ACADEMY CLASSROOM PERFORMANCE OF: A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Toni Rosario Fort Hamilton High School Drama Academy Classroom Performance of A Christmas Carol

    The students in the FHHS Drama Academy participated in an in-class performance of A Christmas Carol. December 2021

    Uploaded Dec 24, 2021
  • FHHS Concert Chorus- Sicut Cervus - Palestrina

    FHHS Concert Chorus Presents- Sicut Cervus - Palestrina

    Uploaded Jan 19, 2021
  • FHHS Concert Chorus- Prayer of the Children

    FHHS Concert Chorus presents Prayer of the Children

    Uploaded Jan 19, 2021
  • FHHS Symphonic Band Performance

    The Fort Hamilton high schools symphonic band performs Blue Shade

    Uploaded Jan 15, 2021
  • FHHS Symphonic Band Performance

    The Fort Hamilton high school symphonic band performs the Jurassic Park theme song.

    Uploaded Jan 15, 2021
  • FInal Ballet Audition Video

    Uploaded Jan 14, 2021
  • 4:09 Drama Welcome Video

    Uploaded Jan 13, 2021
  • 3:10 Modern Combination Final

    Uploaded Jan 11, 2021
  • 6:33 Jazz Combo Final

    Uploaded Jan 11, 2021
  • Fort Hamilton High School Music Department Remote Performance

    The video highlights the students and teachers of the music department. How they all learned new skills in order to keep the music playing during these challenging times is commendable.

    Uploaded Dec 22, 2020
  • Medea the Cursed

    In this short scene between Jason and Medea they have a bitter argument. This scene is their first confrontation in the play.
    Here Jason enters and immediately accuses Medea of making her living conditions worse in Corinth. He believes she and his children should be allowed to stay in Corinth with certain conditions. Medea reminds Jason of all the help and crimes she committed for him in his journey for the Golden Fleece, and the sacrifices she made to help him.
    Jason feels that Medea exaggerates her past assistance and reminds her why he has now chosen King Creon’s daughter as his new bride.
    Medea is angry at being cast aside.
    Jason calls women “fools” and makes his claim that men would be better suited in the world if they didn’t need women to have families.
    Jason tells Medea “he’s finished with these stupid arguments” and exits the scene.
    Medea warns Jason that you will pay a dear price for betraying her and the children.
    This is just a short moment from a fully realized production that will be presented during our spring term 2021.

    Please enjoy this gift from our talented students in Fort Hamilton High School’s Drama Department.
    Special thanks to our Theater Instructors:
    Mr. Coulter and Ms. Shields

    Uploaded Dec 22, 2020
  • Fort Hamilton High School Dance Holiday Show

    Highlights of our amazing dance students under the direction of Mrs. Jaafar and Ms. Lessard.

    Uploaded Dec 22, 2020