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Dramatic Arts



Public school staff and students with access to DOE Office 365 or TeachHub (including charter schools): will submit auditions through the Virtual Audition Submission Tool for most programs by following these instructions. Detailed instructions are attached. 

  1. To access the Virtual Audition Submission Tool, open a browser and login to your NYC DOE school account.
  2. Once you login to your NYC DOE account and navigate to the Virtual Audition Submission Tool:
  3. The start page for the Virtual Audition Submission Tool should appear.
  4. Instructions for preparing and uploading audition files are included in this web-based Tool. If you are stuck, or if the Tool does not display after navigating to the URL above, please contact your counselor, or call the NYCDOE Call Center at (718) 935-2200 for assistance.


The aforementioned audition tool should also be available in the myschools application.




Prepare and submit separate uploads of two contrasting monologues. You are also encouraged to upload a musical theater song if interested. Please note that a musical theater song is required for musical theater programs at the noted (*) musical theater programs. At the beginning of each video, before performing, briefly introduce yourself by providing the following information:  • Your full name • Your OSIS student ID# • Why you chose your monologue or song (30 seconds or less) • State the name of the character portrayed and the full title of the play or source for your monologue or song Video #1 and #2: MONOLOGUES Memorize, perform, and upload two contrasting, one-minute monologues. For example, dramatic/comedic, classical/contemporary, or theater/film. Choose relatable characters and decide to whom your characters are talking and why. You may choose your own monologues to perform but are welcome to review and select monologues from this sample monologues library

NOTE: You may also choose to memorize and perform a musical theater song to be considered for theater programs that include drama and musical theater. A musical theater song is REQUIRED for noted (*) musical theater programs. Video #3: MUSICAL THEATER SONG* Perform and upload 16 bars (or approximately 1 minute) of a memorized song of any genre. Musical theater songs are encouraged, however pop and R&B songs are acceptable. Songs can be performed with live or recorded accompaniment or without music ‘a capella.’  Choose a song performed by a relatable character and decide to whom your character is singing and why. You may select your own musical theater song to perform but are welcome to review and select from this sample musical theater song library

Call Backs: Schools may invite and schedule individual student call backs for live virtual interviews, musical theater songs, dance and/or other on-demand tasks and school specific requirements.