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College Applications

Most students begin with these applications to colleges and universities. For schools that are NOT CUNY, SUNY, or do not appear on the Common Application, visit the specific school’s website to get instructions as to how to apply.

Also, please NOTE: Very often, schools may have SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATIONS that you must complete ALONG with the regular application. You may have to visit the school’s website to see what is needed. For the most part, CUNY schools do not have supplemental applications, unless you are applying to one of their special programs (Macaulay Honors, Sophie Davis, etc.) To see which SUNY schools require supplementals, you can check 

CUNY (City University of New York) APPLICATIONS
Select up to 6 CUNY schools on one application for $65 - Begin HERE.
For more information about CUNY, start HERE.

SUNY (State University of New York) APPLICATIONS
Select up to 6 SUNY schools on one application for $50 per school - Begin
For more information about SUNY, start HERE.

The Common Application

The Common Application is a not-for-profit organization that serves students and member institutions by providing an admission application – online and in print - that students may submit to any of our hundreds of members. Once completed online or in print, copies of the Application for Undergraduate Admission can be sent to any number of participating colleges. The same is true of the School Report, Midyear Report, Final Report and Teacher Evaluation forms. This allows you to spend less time on the busy work of applying for admission, and more time on what's really important: college research, visits, essay writing, and senior year coursework.

To view the Common Application list of member schools, click 

In addition to the Common Application, you may also have to complete a school-specific SUPPLEMENTAL. You can check to see if the school that you are applying to needs one HERE.


If you are in need of a fee waiver for SAT AND/OR ACT the College Office will verify your eligibility based on you lunch code status.  Please be sure to fill out your lunch application.  .

Fee Waivers are only given during your
during your lunch period in the college office.

Only students who receive fee waivers for SAT’s are eligible to receive college application fee waivers.  SUNY allows a total of 4 fee waivers.  All private college fee waivers should be requested at one time.

CUNY have their own guidelines for fee waivers.

If you qualify for fee waivers, you may also qualify for New York’s Education Opportunity Programs.

Education Opportunity Programs 
(adapted from NYU)

Education Opportunity Programs provide a means for traditionally under-served, low-income students to obtain admission as well as academic and financial support. Many programs involve a required introductory non-credit academic schedule during the summer prior to your freshman year. This course(s) will help ensure a smooth transition into college life. Students in these programs will also have access to support systems that usually include:
Academic and personal counseling

  • Financial Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Academic workshops and seminars
  • Tutoring

Learn more about these programs for schools within New York State:

EOP - SUNY (State University of New York)

HEOP-Private colleges and universities


Please note: Space and availability are limited in these programs, so if you qualify and would like to apply to them, make certain to apply promptly!

Review specific instructions and guidelines, usually found in the application materials of participating schools.