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Administration / Organization

Jennifer Gagnon, Assistant Principal
The Assistant Principal Organization (APO) at Fort Hamilton High School oversees the facilities, budget, staffing and legal issues. In this capacity, the APO works with the organizational team on a daily basis to ensure teachers are covered by substitute teachers in their absence, in addition to assisting with longterm absence coverages and hiring.
A larger role is overseeing the facilities of the building in conjunction with the Division of School Facilities and School Construction Authority. Currently, the school is undergoing an exterior roof project.
Fort Hamilton’s main building was constructed in 1939 and is over 220,000 square feet. The modular units, which provide an additional 18 classrooms, were added in the late 1990s, and the natatorium in the early 1990s. Overall, the building has well over 2,000 classes each day, within three sessions, and between 500 and 900 students in physical education classes each period. This equates to many demands on our facility and the need for many repairs. More importantly, we are constantly working to improve and upgrade our facility.
The APO also oversees and manages the school’s budget. While we are the second largest high school in New York City, due to our Title 1 funding, we have the largest budget. The Principal and Assistant Principals of Administration and Supervision work closely together to organize and allocate the school’s funding after staffing needs are met (90% of the budget). The remaining funds go to supplies and other non-personnel services. Finally, the APO consults with the Principal and staff on any legal issues which may arise.
Fort Hamilton High School is a unique and special place with many opportunities for students of various interests. We have 70 clubs and 31 PSAL teams, and two drama productions each academic year as well as multiple instrumental, vocal, and dance performances. In this small city we call Fort Hamilton High School, there is an enormity of interest and expertise on behalf of young people