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Assistant Principals

The Cabinet of Fort Hamilton High School consists of the Principal, five Administrative Assistant Principals and eight Instructional Assistant Principals. 

Our Administrative Assistant Principals address the following areas to ensure that the school runs smoothly and safely in addition to providing necessary supports for students and staff. 


Administration:  Budget and Facilities Jennifer Gagnon
Data and Compliance Jacob Baty
Pupil Personnel Services: Social Emotional Supports, Academic Programming and Interventions and Post-Secondary Planning Rosaria Mancini
Programming and Technology Ismail Salem,  Assistant Principal, IA
Safety and Security Steve Holke


Our Instructional Assistant Principals work to ensure that curriculum, resources, and day-to-day instruction is of the highest caliber.  They work closely with the teachers and each other to provide a range of learning for students that include the academic supports needed to prepare for College, Career and life after Fort Hamilton.  The following departments are each led by an Assistant Principal.


Arts and Business Thomas Oberle
English Denise Kritikos
Mathematics Mary Minucci
Instructional Support Services Christine Ciccarone/ Nadine Mitchell
Physical Education/Health/JROTC Kristin LaMacchia
Science John Christakos
Social Studies Gregory Abood
World Languages/English as a New Language Jill Kitchen


While each member of the Cabinet plays a distinct role in the school community, members work collaboratively to ensure that Fort Hamilton High School is a safe and nurturing place to learn and work for students and staff alike.