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Data and Compliance

Jacob Baty, Assistant Principal
Schools in New York City are charged to be data driven. The role of the Assistant Principal of Data and Compliance is to work in conjunction with the Principal and Assistant Principals of Administration and Supervision to analyze various data sets such as:
  • Student Attendance Rates
  • Student Classroom Performance
  • Student Progress towards Graduation
  • Regents Exam Results
  • College and Career Readiness
School leaders need to be informed on how various subsets of courses and students are performing in order to make informed decisions about resource allocations, staffing, budget, programming, and instruction, and to determine what interventions are necessary to ensure all students are meeting cohort graduation requirements and are prepared for life after Fort Hamilton High School.
Additionally, the Assistant Principal of Data and Compliance identifies data trends in the school and creates target groups of students so that the school leadership is proactive in planning ways to support students in meeting cohort graduation requirements in a timely manner as well as ensuring students leave Fort Hamilton High School college and career ready.
Finally, in a school as large as Fort Hamilton High School, collecting, analyzing, and ensuring all data is presented to all stakeholders in a clear manner is essential to ensure that no student’s needs go unnoticed.
Beyond data processing and analysis, the Assistant Principal of Data and Compliance monitors that the school is compliant with all city and state mandates and supervises the school’s team of paraprofessionals.