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Programming and Technology

Ismail Salem,  Assistant Principal
The role of the Program Office, located in room 268, is to ensure all students receive programs that keep them on-track for graduation in four years, are accurate, and are produced in a timely fashion. The Program Office works closely with various constituencies within Fort Hamilton High School to meet these goals.
The Program Office also generates various school-related reports and performs necessary program corrections. The Program Office does not create student schedules. These recommendations come from the guidance department (guidance counselors) and the respective department supervisors.
The Assistant Principal Programming and Technology is responsible to maintain all computer-related products within the building by servicing or replacing the necessary equipment.
A number of laptops are available to sign-out for student/family use during the school year to support online assignments and checking PupilPath. Students and families must agree to parameters for computer use and sign a contract.
In an effort to keep students, parents, and staff updated and informed, we maintain the school website.
Please visit to receive information about school events, testing dates, school closures and more.