Permission to Leave School Early



September 2018


Dear Parent/Guardian:


In accordance with New York State Education Law, Section 175.5, your child has been programmed for a full day of instruction (5.5 hours) per day, as well as a lunch period. All credit-bearing courses must meet high school commencement level standards as well as instructional time requirements.


Lunch is an important part of the day and every child is given the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal at school. If your child’s lunch period ends their school day and you choose to give your child permission to leave the building at the beginning of their lunch period and/or prior to an online course(s), before their school day ends, we ask that you sign the tear-off below and return it to your child’s Guidance Counselor. If you do not give your authorization, you do not have to sign below. We will expect your child to remain in school for their full day, including their lunch period. Additionally, seniors may leave at the end of period 6 if they have 1 or 2 on-line courses.


Your signature on file will attest to the fact that you are authorizing your child to leave the school building in lieu of attending his/her lunch period or because he/she has an on-line course. We ask that you clearly sign the form below and return it to your child’s Guidance Counselor as soon as possible.



Very truly yours,


Kaye Houlihan


Kaye Houlihan




------ tear-off ------



Complete and return to your child’s Guidance Counselor.


I, _____________________________,


parent/guardian of __________________________,


OSIS # _________________ Official Class _______,


do hereby grant permission for my child to leave the school building after his/her instructional day and just prior to his/her lunch period, and/or prior to an on-line course(s), the last period of his/her programmed day.  understand that my authorization will be kept on file and that I am responsible for my child when he/she leaves the school premises.



Name of Parent:  ________________________________      

                                          Print Clearly


Signature of Parent:  _____________________________


E-mail address: _________________________________


Phone # to reach parent/guardian: __________________


Date of Authorization:  ______________                              


/ltr to parent re permission to leave – lunch Sept 2018