Tips For Parents

A school are large as Fort Hamilton High School can be both exciting and challenging.  Our school has been carefully designed to meet the needs of all students. We encourage students and parents to become familiar with all that Fort Hamilton High School has to offer, from our academic programs to extra-curricular activities and clubs, to our athletic program.  
Every effort is made to keep you informed regarding your child's academic progress.  Registering for PupilPath, attending PTA meetings, sharing your contact information (i.e. email address, telephone number) will ensure that the lines of communication between home and school stay open.
I hope the information listed below is helpful as we partner together to ensure success for every student.  Please refer to the Parent Handbook for further detailed information.
Automated Phone Calls are made daily to students' homes whenever they are marked absent from school.  In addition, automated phone calls are occasionally made to inform parents of important school events such as report card distribution dates, Regents exam dates, school closings, and special school functions.  
Blue Emergency Cards are distributed to every 9th grader and new admit to Fort Hamilton High School. Parents must complete the Blue Card in its entirety and have their child return it to school.  In the event of an emergency, it is imperative that we have accurate contact information on file.  If student/parent contact information changes at any time, please be sure to inform the school via your child's Guidance Counselor or the Attendance Office.
CAASS System, a student identification card system, is located throughout the school building.  Students must scan their student I.D. upon entry each morning.  In addition, students are asked to scan their student I.D. in order to gain entry to the library, student cafeteria, and boys and girls locker rooms.
Door Alarms are installed and in operation at Fort Hamilton High School.  Students must enter/leave the school building ONLY through approved entry and exit doors.  Using unauthorized doors to enter/exit the building will result in an alarm sounding and will initiate a response and investigation.  Please encourage your child to use only approved entry/exit doors.
Meal Application forms are distributed to all families.  Lunch is now free for all students, however, your child may receive further benefits which include reduced or free SAT/ACT eligibility and the ability to apply to SUNY schools and some private colleges for free. Our school greatly benefits from every completed Meal Application form.  It is quick an easy to apply. Please visit If you prefer a paper application, please ask your child to visit room C-6 during their lunch period.  
MetroCards are distributed during the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters.  In order to receive a MetroCard, a student must have their Fort Hamilton High School student I.D. card and a cleared book account.  If a student's MetroCard is lost or stolen, they must go to room C-6, during their lunch period, to request a new one.  
Parent-Teacher Association meetings are held monthly unless otherwise indicated.  We urge parents to join the PTA and attend our monthly PTA meetings.. Monthly topics include the College Application process, Common Core Learning Standards, Cyber Bullying, Honor Academy Workshop, Instructional Support Services, PupilPath, and School Safety.  Please check the PTA page for further information.
Parent-Teacher Conferences are conducted twice a year - once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester.  We urge you to visit your child's teachers and support staff.  
Report Card distribution takes place three times during each semester (Fall and Spring) or six times in a school year.  Grades on the third marking period report card for each semester are final and appear on a student's transcript.
Student I.D. Cards are required in order to enter the school building.  Students will also need to present their student I.D. when taking Regents and PSAT exams and to obtain a MetroCard or working papers.  Student I.D. cards may be obtained daily, during student lunch periods, in the student cafeteria.  
Student Programs are distributed at the beginning of each semester (Fall and Spring). The program indicates all classes, room numbers, and teachers as well as the assigned guidance counselor.  A copy of this program is available for your viewing on PupilPath. Your child should carry this program with them at all times.
Student Orientation takes place at the beginning of each semester.  At this time, students will be introduced to Fort Hamilton High School and important information such as school rules and regulations, meal applications, MetroCard distribution, and picture I.D.s will be discussed. In addition, students will receive a copy of the Student Handbook.