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PTA/SLT/Title 1 Parent Virtual Elections
June 15, 2023 at 7:00 pm
May 26, 2023
Dear Wonderful FHHS Parents/Guardian and Teachers,
This is the 10 day notice to announce Fort Hamilton High School Virtual PTA Executive Board Election on June 15, 2023, at 7:00 pm on Zoom.  School Leadership Team and Title 1 Parent Advisory Council Elections and PTA Meeting (agenda below) will proceed right after.
If you want to participate to vote in our elections and attend the PTA Meeting, registration will start on May 25, 2023. The LAST day to register to vote is June 15, 2023 before 6:00 pm. You MUST register with the link below to be able to attend the elections and the PTA Meeting.  
We will be verifying each voter's personal information on what FHHS has on their record. You MUST have a child or be a teacher to vote for the PTA Executive Board. Only parents/guardians can vote for the School Leadership Team and Title 1 Parent Advisory Council. 
Roles and Responsibilities:
PTA Executive Board
School Leadership Team
Title 1 Parent Advisory Council 
Meet the Candidates
Elections will promptly start at 7:00 pm and the voting window is open with enough time for everyone present to hear a brief introduction of our candidates, and to vote with the polling feature. Anyone that arrives after 7:00 pm will be placed in the waiting room until the elections are completed. As a reminder, the nomination window has closed and we will NOT be taking floor nominations.  
Please do not share your unique link. Any duplicate names will be placed in the waiting room.  We advise you to check-in 30 minutes earlier to avoid any technical difficulties.  The Title 1 Parent Committee Meeting will be held at 6:30 pm while we verify each voter to be admitted. Candidates should arrive no later than 6:50 pm.
You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Jun 15, 2023, 6:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Register in advance for this meeting:
After you register, you will receive an email invite with your own unique zoom link to attend the elections and PTA Meeting on June 15, 2023.
If you did not receive your email invite, please check in your spam/junk folder or email the Elections Committee at [email protected] no later than 4:00 pm on June 15, 2023.
Thank you and I hope you all will attend!
FHHS Elections Committee
Tamara Stern, President
Francine Almash, 1st Vice President
Jessica Cabral, Recording Secretary
Janine Faustner, Treasurer
Fort Hamilton High School PTA
General Meeting
June 15, 2023
• Reading and Approval of May 2023, Minutes
• Treasurer’s Report
 June Financial Report
 End of the year Financial Report
• Audit Committee (Volunteer’s needed)
• Not on My Watch-Pamela Damon/Yolana Briu
• Principal’s Report
• Parent questions and concerns-Open Forum
Meet The Prospective 2023-2024
PTA Executive Board Candidates 
President Tamara Stern
I am running again because I would like to continue to help build a more inclusive and stronger PTA. As many of us get to the high school level I feel that we lose parents and these are the years that count the most. I want to continue to increase our parent engagement and further strengthen the relationship with our teachers to bring all our parents and teachers together in our school community. We have been able raise money for our PTA more than we have in the last 3 years and would like to continue to help the PTA actually figure out what are true goals are to help a school as big as Fort Hamilton. That would mean fully engaging ALL of our parents especially our ELL families and students.We have been trying to have more translations for our meetings so we can make sure that all the information we share gets to all of our parents so I want to work towards increasing that aspect of our parent engagement. I have worked on helping the PTA build community relationships with our local businesses to better help our school. I want to help out PTA to be able to reach its full potential as a 501c3 organization and reach goals that I believe we can under that designation. I hope that I will be able to count on our parents that have reached out to continue to do so; so we can advocate for those who truly need us too. After being in this role for as long as I have I continue to see that there is so much that our parents, students and schools need with a fully functioning PTA that believes in inclusivity, equity and parent empowerment. We can make such a difference for our kids by advocating for needed resources and better academic policies and opportunities for our kids. You can be sure that I will always show up and continue to do the hard work when it comes to our community, families and our kids. I hope you will vote for me once again so we can continue this wonderful work. It’s been a privilege representing our families in this space. 
Treasurer Nicole Kwan
For many years, as a full time working parent, it has been hard for me to contribute my time to the schools or make the in-person general PTA meetings.  COVID hit and everything became remote. This made it possible for me to join the executive board at my son's elementary school.  After two years of being on the executive board, I realized I could make a difference.  While I know every parent has a voice, with my experience as VP of finance at a public relations firm, my familiarity with NYC PTA bylaws and my attention to detail, I think my ease with numbers and banking makes PTA Treasurer my ideal entry to FHHS's PTA Executive Board.  
Recording Secretary Dyanne Nieves-Gutierrez
My name is Dyanne Nieves-Gutierrez. My daughter Faith is a freshman at Fort Hamilton HIgh School. I was a PTA VP at my daughters elementary school. I’m interested in becoming the recording secretary to use my knowledge to help the parents and students of Fort Hamilton HIgh School. 
Meet The Prospective 2023-2024
School Leadership Team Candidates
Renee Anastasi
I am a parent of two students attending Fort Hamilton High School (a senior and a junior). I have been an active parent since my daughter started Fort Hamilton 4 years ago. I have had roles in the PTA and am I a current active member of the SLT. I work collaboratively with my children's teachers and the wonderful teams that support students who have IEPs. In my job, I am a global project manager so I am experienced in working with international teams who deliver. Additionally, I have four roles in Diversity and Inclusion teams through employee resource groups at work, in order to provide my colleagues support and ensure we have empathy and compassion in the workplace. I have a commitment and passion to do what I can to support others. I would like to continue to support the Fort Hamilton Community and continue in my role as an SLT member. 
Christopher Leydon
I’m running for the SLT to help ensure that Fort Hamilton High School is a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment where all students can achieve academic success. I am the proud father of three daughters—including two members of the FHHS class of 2025—and a longtime resident of Bay Ridge (20+ years). As a dedicated student affairs professional, for the last ten years at CUNY School of Professional Studies, I’ve worked with a diverse population of adult learners, including students with disabilities and military and veteran students. Prior to that, I completed a doctorate in comparative literature at the CUNY Graduate Center and taught literature and writing at three CUNY colleges. Public education is integral to our society, as it has the potential to provide our youth with a new opportunities and to shape the next generation of leaders. I would be honored to represent the parents of Fort Hamilton High School on the School Leadership Team.
Genevieve Mammana
Hi my name is Genevieve Mammana and I am running for reelection as a parent on SLT.  I have served on SLT for over 12 years now at the elementary, middle and high school levels as a voice for all parents.  My goal is to continue to work collaboratively with our school and our families to assist our children in getting a high level education and the tools they need to strive and achieve.  Thank you for considering me for this position. 
Meet The Prospective 2023-2024
Title 1 Parent Advisory Council Candidate
Chair Lillian Shek
Being a first-generation student, I know what it is like for families struggling to navigate the public school system. My family relied on others in the community to help us, and I vowed to do the same if given that opportunity. When I left the Financial Sector to raise my children, I was able to use my skill sets to help their schools bridge the communication gaps by creating a parent/teacher/student-friendly website that uses Google Translate so that all our families were able to be informed with their school and teachers. I have been at Fort Hamilton HS for almost seven years, helping the PTA and school improve communication and engagement with the families by posting on the PTA Band Texting app, Facebook, Instagram, and the Parent Resources page on the school website. I have also been your Title 1 Parent Committee Chair for six years, assisting many parents/students with Title 1 Parent funding by hosting educational workshops and giving out free books to ensure the students leave FHHS with resources so that they will have future success. I have one more year left, and I hope parents will join me so that I can train them to continue my committee's work helping families!
FHHS Elections Committee
Nancy Chan
Woon Jo Chun
Erica Wick
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Thank you to our Wonderful Community and FHHS Parents for joining and supporting
us in FHHS PTA 13th Annual Gala on February 18, 2023!  
We had a fantastic time with many baskets, delicious food from Paneantico,
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Family Income Inquiry (Lunch) Form
2023 – 2024 Title 1 Parent Workshop Survey

June 8, 2023

Anniversary Day / Chancellor's Conference Day for staff development
students do not attend



June 14, 2023 - June 23, 2023

Regents Administration

June 15, 2023
Title 1 Parent Committee Meeting
6:30 pm
Discuss How this Year's Workshops Went
Recruit Parents to Join Title 1 Parent Committee
2023-2024 Title 1 Parent Workshop Survey
PTA Executive Board, School Leadership Team &
Title 1 PAC Elections
7:00 pm
PTA Meeting
7:30 pm
• Reading and Approval of May 2023, Minutes
• Treasurer’s Report
 June Financial Report
 End of the year Financial Report
• Audit Committee (Volunteer’s needed)
• Not on My Watch-Pamela Damon/Yolana Briu
• Principal’s Report
• Parent questions and concerns-Open Forum
You are invited to a Zoom meeting on Jun 15, 2023 at 06:30 PM Eastern Time.
Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


June 19, 2023

Juneteenth, schools closed


June 26, 2023

Graduation at Cyclone Stadium
11:00 am



June 27, 2023

Last Day of School




2022 - 2023
PTA Executive Board
President -Tamara Stern
1st Vice President - Francine Almash
Recording Secretary - Jessica Ramirez-Cabral
Treasurer - Janine Faustner
2022 - 2023
Title 1 Parent Committee
Chair - Lillian Shek
Recording Secretary & Treasurer - Genevieve Mammana
Zoom Master - Tamara Stern
All our wonderful parents that join us in our monthly meetings
2022 - 2023
School Leadership Team (Parents)
Francine Almash
Renee Anastasi
Lambrina Gournelos
Genevieve Mammana
Maria Schwab
Lillian Shek
Tamara Stern
PTA General Meetings - School Year 2022 - 2023
Date Time
September 19, 2022 7:00 pm
October 13, 2022 7:00 pm
November 14, 2022 7:00 pm
December 8, 2022 7:00 pm
January 23, 2023 7:00 pm
February 9, 2023 7:00 pm
March 13, 2023 7:00 pm
April 20, 2023 7:00 pm
May 8, 2023 7:00 pm
June 15, 2023 (Elections) 7:00 pm

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Congratulations to Our Wonderful 2022 Student's Winners
of the PTA Senior Scholarship ($500 each)
PTA Academic Achievement (GPA 90+) - Crystal Bui
PTA Academic Achievement (GPA 90+) - Roy Lau
PTA Academic Achievement (GPA 90+) - Fred Spielman
PTA Academic Achievement (GPA 90+) - Maggie Yang
PTA Kaye Houlihan Leadership Award 
for the student who best exemplifies leadership and kindness - 
Anthony Mammana
PTA Mike Kozlowski Excellent Character Award
for a senior who is a positive influence among his or her peers -
Jashlyn Gomez 
PTA Robert Rose School Spirit Award
for a senior who has contributed in an outstanding way to school spirit in activities -
Hanna Justis
PTA Thomas F. Greene Grit and Courage
for a student who has overcome personal and other obstacles, in and out of school,
to succeed, and has made a lasting contribution to the FHHS community - 
Kevin Hodo
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] 🐯🐾
Thank you.
Title 1 Parent Committee
Free Workshops & Books
Thank you to all the parents that have attended Title 1 Parent Virtual Workshops!  
We were fortunate to host 74 workshops in 2021 - 2022 and 105 workshops in
2022 - 2023 for all our wonderful parents.

Fort Hamilton HS is a Title 1 school, and we NEED all families to fill out their Family Income

Inquiry (Lunch) Form to continue to get Title 1 funding

To better serve our families with free virtual workshops,
please help the Title 1 Parent Committee by filling out the
2023 – 2024 Title 1 Parent Workshop Survey
Title 1 Parent Committee Meetings - School Year 2022 - 2023
Date Time
September 19, 2022 (Annual Title 1 Parent) 6:30 pm
October 13, 2022 6:30 pm
November 14, 2022 6:30 pm
December 8, 2022 6:30 pm
January 23, 2023 6:30 pm
February 9, 2023 6:30 pm
March 13, 2023 6:30 pm
April 20, 2023 6:30 pm
May 8, 2023 6:30 pm
June 15, 2023 6:30 pm




Person at a computer with glasses

Parent University Resource with Families


The DOE’s new Parent University seeks to educate and empower all families from early childhood through adulthood, with free courses, resources, events, and activities. Parents can register for free trainings on a wide range of topics, including adult education, student social-emotional learning, and special education. Please share this resource with your school community by emailing these flyers to families (translated versions of the flyer are available on the Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) family-facing webpage).

Additionally, staff members can submit a course to be hosted on the Parent University platform by completing the Parent University Course Submission Form.



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Lunch and Breakfast is FREE for all students. 
Please apply online your Family Income Inquiry Form so that we can continue to get school funding for all our students.
It’s​ ​important​ ​for​ ​you​ ​and​ ​for​ ​Fort​ ​Hamilton​ ​High​ ​School! Your child may receive benefits which include:
1. Reduced or Free SAT/ACT Eligibility
2. Ability to Apply to SUNY Schools and Some Private Colleges for Free
3. Title 1 Funding
Beyond this you are helping Fort Hamilton to secure necessary funding for years to come! It’s​ ​quick​ ​and​ ​easy​ ​to​ ​apply at
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1. Interscholastic Athletics Parental Consent Form
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3. NYCDOE Consent to COVID-19 High Risk